Anne Bean decade exhibition
27 September 2015 // Starts 3pm   //   Dilston Grove


Exhibition Open:  Sunday // 11am–5pm

David Chapman and Judith Palmer invite you to come and observe Michaelmas and Embertide at 3PM. ANNE BEAN PERFORMANCE AT 4PM. David and Judith will also show a new version of the film Observances, which documented a year of folk rituals conducted

Anne Bean decade exhibition
19 September - 27 September 2015   //   Dilston Grove


Preview:  Friday 18 September // 6-8pm // Performance 7pm Exhibition Open:  FRIDAY // SATURDAY // SUNDAY // 11AM–5PM
Closing Event: Sunday 27 September // Starting at 3pm

Three new installations where the decayed and the present meet head on. REAP was an expansive, year-long investigation into the nature of time, memory and ephemerality created by Anne Bean, who invited a host of other artists to produce works in and around Dilston

Is it all black and white?
12 September 2015   //   Dilston Grove

Free Micro-Festival of Electronic and Choral Music

Exhibition Open:  4pm–8pm

In the beautiful surroundings of Dilston Grove in Southwark Park, this FREE event features a number of musical performances, providing new and inventive sights & sounds in an unconventional, family-friendly environment. The focus of the festival is the fusion of choral and

Ron Henocq Works on Paper Exhibition
9 September - 4 October 2015   //   The Gallery

Works on Paper 1970 – 2015
Ron Henocq

Preview:  Saturday 5 September // 3-6PM Exhibition Open:  WED - SUNDAY // 11AM–5PM

This exhibition presents a rare survey of work by British artist Ron Henocq, with specific focus on his works on paper. The vast body of work, feverishly developed since 1970, includes intimately-scaled drawings; industrious illustration; lino print studies and recent line drawings

Ron Henocq & Judith Carlton
  //   The Gallery  //  Dilston Grove

Appointment of new Director, CGP London

CGP London’s founding Director, Ron Henocq, stepped down at the end of March 2015 to pursue other projects; marking the close of an impressive 30 year tenure which has seen the transformation of a vacant and neglected cafe building into a world

31 Annual Open
8 August - 23 August 2015   //   The Gallery

#31 Annual Open

Preview:  Friday 7 August // 6-8pm Exhibition Open:  WEDNESDAY // THURSDAY // FRIDAY // SATURDAY // SUNDAY // 11AM–5PM

Now in its 31st year, the Open exists to encourage artists at all stages of their career from across the UK to submit their work as part of a large-scale annual salon show. We are excited to announce that the 2015 Open

Laure Provost, WANTEE (2013), film still. Courtesy of the artist.
Saturday 18 July 2015   //   Dilston Grove


Exhibition Open:  6-7pm

Screening event featuring work by Lucy Skaer, Laure Prouvost, Ursula Mayer, Mark Aerial Waller, Jimmy Robert and Beatrice Gibson. Free event, booking essential. Please book via Eventbrite Phantoms of the Avant-Garde is the first in a series of monthly events (July to October 2015) exploring lines of connection and points

POOL a BAG Exhibition
8 July - 26 July 2015   //   The Gallery

A Bermondsey Artists’ Group exhibition

Preview:  Sunday 5 July // 3-5pm Exhibition Open:  WEDNESDAY // THURSDAY // FRIDAY // SATURDAY // SUNDAY // 11AM–5PM

Elisa Alaluusua | Caspar Below | Cecilia Bentley Bortoluzzi | Claire Blundell-Jones | Frances Coleman | Jane Colling | Jane Deakin | Gail Dickerson | Sean Dower | Stephen Dunn | Beth Elliott | Tony Fleming | Charlie Fox | Michèle Fuirer

Music of the Spheres Exhibition
13 June – 5 July 2015   //   Dilston Grove

Music of the Spheres
Charlotte Jarvis with Dr. Nick Goldman and The Kreutzer Quartet

Preview:  Friday 12 June // 6:30-8:30pm Exhibition Open:  FRIDAY // SATURDAY // SUNDAY // 11AM–5PM

Music of the Spheres uses new bioinformatics technology to store a new musical MP3 recording in DNA molecules. The DNA has been suspended in soap solution and used to create performances and installations filled with bubbles. The installation takes the form of

Politics Of Amnesia 2
20 May – 21 June 2015   //   The Gallery

Politics of Amnesia II

Preview:  Sunday 17 May // 3-5pm Exhibition Open:  WEDNESDAY // THURSDAY // FRIDAY // SATURDAY // SUNDAY // 11AM–5PM

A group exhibition curated by Fieldgate Gallery that looks at past trauma through the conduit of technology. George Barber | Amanda Beech | David Cotterrell | John Gerrard | Gibson/Martelli | Matthew Noel-Tod | Derek Ogbourne | Nonny de la Pena In

Between Thought and Space installation view (2015). Installation photograph by Miyako Narita. Courtesy of the artists & CGP London.
8 May – 7 June 2015   //   Dilston Grove

Between Thought & Space
A Group Exhibition

Preview:  Thursday 7 May // 6:30-8:30pm Exhibition Open:  FRIDAY // SATURDAY // SUNDAY // 11AM–5PM

Miraj Ahmed | Isha Bøhling | Kelly Chorpening | Pierre D’Avoine | Shin Egashira | Matt Franks | Issam Kourbaj | Jeffrey T Y Lee | Theo Lorenz | Ian Monroe | Foster Spragge | Tony Thatcher and Research Associate: Sophie Read

Bottom Natures Exhibition
1 April - 3 May 2015   //   The Gallery

Bottom Natures
A group exhibition curated by Matthew McQuillan

Preview:  Sunday 29 March // 2-4pm Exhibition Open:  WEDNESDAY // THURSDAY // FRIDAY // SATURDAY // SUNDAY // 11AM–5PM

Amir Chasson | Matthew Clements | Lucy Clout | Julika Gittner | Anthony Green | Laura Morrison | Sianne Ngai | Joscha Schell | Daniel Shanken What Stuplimity relies on is an anti-auratic, anti-cynical tedium that at times deliberately risks seeming obtuse,

Matt Stokes, Cantata Profana, Dilston Grove (2015). Installation photography by Peter White, courtesy Matt's Gallery, London.
27 March – 26 April 2015   //   Dilston Grove

Cantata Profana

Preview:  Sunday 22 March // 2-5pm Exhibition Open:  FRIDAY // SATURDAY // SUNDAY // 11AM–5PM

Matt’s Gallery and CGP London present the second in a new series of co-productions Cantata Profana by Matt Stokes. The exhibition runs parallel with a new commission of work at Matt’s Gallery, Madman in a Lifeboat in Mile End (1 April–24 May 2015).

Boxed Out RCA Printmaking MA Year One
14 March - 15 March 2015   //   The Gallery

Royal College of Art // Printmaking MA Year 1 students

Preview:  15 March // 2-4pm Exhibition Open:  SATURDAY // SUNDAY // 11AM–4PM

Nils Alix-Tabeling | Randy Bretzin | James Bullimore | Kristina Chan | Qiaoxi Chen | Amy Cornfield | Gianluca Craca | Astrid de Broqueville | Jake Garfield | Shivangi Ladha | Mayra Ganzinotti | Susannah Stark | Mollie Tearne | Emma-Jane Whitton