16 June 2018 // 6pm   //   The Gallery

Harry Bix

summarynjdkjds.pdf // 16 June 2018 // 6pm CGP London // The Gallery Harry Bix and the East Anglia Records House Band perform a reading of his publication summarynjdkjds.pdf. The text is written in reference to a year’s discussion of an ultimately failed

Saturday 7 July // 2.30 - 5pm & Friday 13 July // 6.30 - 9pm   //   The Gallery

Creative Sex Ed Workshops:
Open to people 18-30 who are living with HIV

We’re human. We’re sexual and sexualised. We hurt, we love, we want, we fear, we burn, we fight, we cry, we wonder, we imagine. The sex education we receive everyday from people in our families, on our phones and in our house of commons