We’re human. We’re sexual and sexualised. We hurt, we love, we want, we fear, we burn, we fight, we cry, we wonder, we imagine. The sex education we receive everyday from people in our families, on our phones and in our house of commons doesn’t always reflect us! It’s sometimes sexist, racist, homo-bi-and-trans-phobic, discriminates against our class, HIV status, how able our bodies are and shames us for not being ‘normal’.

But normativity is a myth!

We don’t always feel like we have a space to talk about sex. Making space to test out our needs and wants can be important.

This is what we want to do – rage and laugh and listen and find creative methods of exploring what sex education could be. We’ll write our own manifestos, shake hands in jelly, make a mess on the floor, listen to music, read zines and make noise to explore our own ways of saying ‘listen world, this is the sex education we deserve.’ Join us!

These workshops are led by Jenny Moore and Chloe Cooper inspired by their work with Bedfellows – a group of people making creative tools to re-educate themselves about sex. The workshops are organised in conjunction with John Walter’s current exhibition CAPSID across both galleries at CGP London.

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Jenny Moore is a Canadian artist-musician based in London. She plays in the dance-punk band Charismatic Megafauna; leads a feminist choir and has just recorded an album for 10 voices and 2 drummers called Mystic Business about alien abduction, religious flashbacks and growing tentacles. Chloe Cooper is an artist and educator who grew up near Southampton but now lives in London. She works in museums and galleries in the day and writes performances in bed at night.

To book your free place, please email debbie@cgplondon.org 

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