Join us to celebrate the first non-survey of work by the iconic artist Marcia Farquhar.

Marcia Farquhar’s work in performance, installation and object-making is conceptual in nature; precariously balanced between the prescribed and the unpredictable – socially open, broadly embracing of circumstance, and resolutely focussed in the live and unrepeatable moment.

Farquhar’s experimental site-specific works have been staged and exhibited internationally in museums and galleries, as well as in lecture theatres, kitchen showrooms, hotels, pubs, parks and leisure centres. Her work has and continues to make frequent and subversive use of popular cultural forms such as TV cookery shows, pop-psychology, the Punch and Judy show, the catwalk, the jukebox and the guided tour; repositioning these recognisable interactive formats as tools for language.

DIFFIKUλT spans both galleries and outdoor spaces, presenting Marcia’s impressive career; past, present and future. Renowned works from Farquhar’s extensive ‘repertoire’ from the 1980s to now will be reimagined, nestled alongside recent and new work created for the occasion.

Actions and performances will occur throughout the show, the artist will most certainly be present; appearing to show and tell as the tour guide of her own relics via spontaneous actions, situations, interruptions and habitations.

Works, votives and stories will populate the spaces, fakeloric tales will be released from the Farquive museum vitrines, effigies lifted on and off the shelf, activated by Marcia in conversation with the gallery visitor, creating uniquely personal interactions for the duration.

The exhibition will premiere The Dogs’ Bolex, an ambitious new series of short videos commissioned by the artist in collaboration with a host of 16 artist filmmakers including Benedict DrewGina BirchJohn SmithBen RiversRuth MaclennanDenna CartamkhoobKatherine AranielloLarry Achiampongand Tony Grisoni; developed by the artist following the 10th anniversary of her critically acclaimed 12 Shooters project from 2007.

A scheduled programme of performances including Farquhar’s legendary Acts of Clothing will punctuate the exhibition. Dates will be announced shortly.

The burning of Marcia’s outsized rocking horse at Yorkshire Sculpture Park, originally commissioned for the 2010 Tatton Park Biennial, will be live-streamed at the gallery at dusk on the penultimate evening of the show.

Marcia Farquhar, DIFFIKUλT, is generously supported by The Paul & Louise Cooke Endowment, Arts Council Englandand Southwark Council.

Marcia Farquhar, The Dogs Bolex (2018) is supported using public funding by the National Lottery through Arts Council England


Image Credits:
Marcia Farquhar ‘Acts of Clothing’ performed at Tramway, Glasgow (2007). Photo by J. Maizlish Image courtesy the artist.

Marcia Farquhar with Benedict Drew, ‘A Portal’ (2018).  Dog’s Bolex Production Photo by Benedict Drew. Image courtesy the artist.

Marcia Farquhar with Thierry Bal, ‘The Horse is a Noble Animal’ (2010) Tatton Park Biennial. Image courtesy the artist and Thierry Bal.

Marcia Farquhar with Tony Grisoni, ‘Horse’ (2018). Dog’s Bolex Production Photograph by Jem Finer. Image courtesy the artist.

Marcia Farquhar with Gina Birch, ‘Guy Farquhar’ (2018). Dog’s Bolex Production Photograph by Jem Finer. Image courtesy the artist.

Marcia Farquhar with Miyako Narita, ‘Frog Pond Plop’ (2018). Dog’s Bolex Production Photo by Jem Finer. Image courtesy the artist.

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